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  • Conference program

    The final program is available for download and in a glance below.

  • Keynote lectures

    The abstracts of the keynote lectures can be downloaded in pdf format below.

    Name, Affiliation, Country, Webpage Title
    D.G. Cahill
    Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    Coupling of heat and spin at the nanoscale in cuprates and metallic multilayers
    Download abstract
    S. Fan
    Stanford University

    Nanophotonic control of thermal radiation: maximal violation of detailed balance, and experimental demonstration of daytime radiative cooling
    Download abstract

    B. Gotsmann
    IBM Zürich
    Nanoscale thermometry using scanning thermal microscopy
    Download abstract

  • Optional tutorials

    The day before the conference started (Tuesday 14th October), introductory tutorial lectures were presented by experienced researchers of our fields.
    You can download the presentations below.

    J.J. Greffet
    Institut d’Optique, Palaiseau
    [RAD-1] Thermal radiation at micro and nanoscale: Theoretical approaches
    Download tutorial
    A. Kittel
    Oldenburg University
    [RAD-2] Thermal radiation at micro and nanoscale: Experimental approaches
    Download tutorial
    J. Lukes
    University of Pennsylvania
    [COND-1] Heat conduction at nanoscale: Theoretical approaches
    Download tutorial
    O. Bourgeois
    CNRS Grenoble
    [COND-2] Heat conduction at nanoscale: Experimental approaches
    Download tutorial

  • List of the main scientific topics covered by the conference

    - Phonon and electron heat transport
    - Thermal radiation at subwavelength scales
    - Micro and nanoscale experimental heat transfer and thermal metrology
    - Computational micro and nanoscale heat transfer
    - Thermal interface resistance
    - Thermal rectification
    - Ultrafast heat transfer
    - Coherent thermal sources
    - Micro and nanoscale thermal energy conversion materials and devices (thermoelectricity, thermophovoltaics,…)

  • Social program

    The conference dinner will take place on Thursday 16th October 2014 in the evening.
    An ice-breaker informal party will be organized in town in the evening of Tuesday 14th October 2014.

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