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  • The Eurotherm seminar 103 "Nanoscale and Microscale Heat Transfer IV" that took place in Lyon (France) in October 2014 was a follow-up of Eurotherm seminars 57, 75 and 91 « Nanoscale and Microscale Heat Transfer » held in Poitiers, Reims and Poitiers (France) in 1998, 2003 and 2011. This seminar presented the state of the art and the modern trends in nanoscale and microscale heat transfer. It focussed on heat transfer at short length and time scales where the physical laws used in classical heat transfer are not valid anymore. Thermal radiation at subwavelength scales or heat conduction driven by the mesoscopic transport of electrons and phonons were among the typical topics tackled by the seminar as well as applications of these concepts to nano-objects.
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    The conference “Eurotherm 103 – Nanoscale and Microscale Heat Transfer IV” took place from Tuesday 14th to Friday 17th, October 2014. The first day (October 14th) was devoted to introductory tutorials. The PDF version of the presentations of these introductory tutorials can now be downloaded in the “Program” section of this website.

    We were very happy to meet all the colleagues, new and old friends. We thank you for your participation and we are looking forward to meeting you again soon, or at the next Eurotherm NMHT seminar that is expected to take place in autumn 2016 in Greece. Note that we will leave all the material related to the conference online for a while.

    The Booklet of Abstracts can now be freely downladed here: http://polivier.chapuis.free.fr/Eurotherm103/Eurotherm%20103%20-%20NMHT%20IV%20-%20Book%20Of%20Abstract%20-%20without%20Cover.pdf 

    Some photos of the conference can be found here.

    Abstracts of the keynote lectures are available for download in the table below:

    Name, Affiliation, Country, Webpage Title
    D.G. Cahill
    Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    Coupling of heat and spin at the nanoscale in cuprates and metallic multilayers
    Download abstract
    S. Fan
    Stanford University

    Nanophotonic control of thermal radiation: maximal violation of detailed balance, and experimental demonstration of daytime radiative cooling
    Download abstract
    B. Gotsmann
    IBM Zürich
    Nanoscale thermometry using scanning thermal microscopy
    Download abstract

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